How to know your device IMEI number with simple code?

Most of the users unaware about what to do when mobile was theft? If it a costlier mobile device then you've to approach nearest police station to complaint to get back to your mobile phone.

To do this before you've to note down your mobile device IMEI number.

What is IMEI (Full form of IMEI)?
International Mobile Equipment Identity
To check your IMEI number just type *#06# (Star Hash 06 Hash) and dial

Instantly the information displays IMEI number on your mobile main screen as

xxxxxx    xx      xxxxxx    x
 TAC     FAC        SNR     SP

Note down the above IMEI number any where safely for further reference.

  • TAC means Type approval code of your XXXX mobile (Mobile brand)
  • FAC means Final asembly code of your cellphone
  • SNR means Serial number of your Nokia Phone
  • SP means Spare

We heard news online that China mobile doesn't contain any IMEI number don't go for china mobiles attracting to its features and price, better to buy branded smartphones under your budget.
There are various mobile (smartphones) are available at reasonable rates with 3G/4G features.

Have a nice day.

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