Instant messaging mobile app Whatsup now knows everyone which was installed on their devices by smartphone users.

That's why world now the trend is moving towards Whatsup and more fans i.e subscribers are increasing rapidly day by day.

According similar to web UK (United Kingdom) based company revealed some interesting things.
The study conducted a global survey interacting with 187 countries and revealed this data report.

  • World wide the most popular messaging app on the list in first place is Whatsup
  • Around 109 countries are using Whatsup i.e 55.6 percent of the global population are being using. Among them, India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, South America, Europe, Africa, Asian countries etc.
  • More than a billion active users per month to Whatsup
  • In India it has 70 million people subscriber using Whatsup
  • Most Popular messaging app, Whatsup is in first place and second place occupied Facebook messanger followd third place Viber messanger
  • Total 49 countries including United States of America, Canada, Australia and other countries are being using Whatsup on their mobile phones.
  • Easter European countries are very much addicted are being using Whatsup.
  • Whereas, Line, WeChat, Telegram messager apps are being used by China, Japan, Iran and other countries.

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