Bank Offers Student Credit Card India Exclusively for college students


Some banks in India Today have developed Credit cards for students at the college level under the name of Student Credit Card.

Credit is a loan taken from a bank or financial institution and used for payments. Credit cards are usually issued based on a person's employment and earnings. Employees, professionals and self-employed people must have a fixed income as prescribed by the company in order to get a credit card. Credit history is also important. 

Bank Offers Student Credit Card India Exclusively for college students

However, at present some banks have developed credit cards for students at the college level under the name of Student Credit Card. Students over the age of 18 are eligible for a Student Credit Card. Banks offer these credit cards to students without any income limit, at a low interest rate and for a period of 5 years.

Which Banks offering student credit card:

  • Student credit card in SBI (Sate bank of India): SBI Student plus Advantage Credit card
  • Student credit card in ICICI Bank: ICICI Bank Student Travel Card
  • Student credit card in HDFC Bank: Multi currency Platinum Forex plus chip card
  • Student credit card in HDFC Bank: Forex Plus Card

State Bank of India, the largest public sector bank in the country, as well as some private banks also offer student credit cards.

Student credit cards are newly launched in the market. These cards were designed to suit the needs of the students. With the help of these cards students will be able to manage their expenses on their own.

However it is not possible for every student to take this card. Banks issue credit cards only to students who meet the required eligibility criteria. These eligibility criteria vary from bank to bank. For example, the State Bank of India offers credit cards only to students who have studied at their bank.

Similarly, Student credit card ICICI Bank offers this facility only to students who have made a security deposit in their bank. 

Therefore, you need to check the credit cards offered by different banks, the requirements for a student credit card and student credit card benefits and apply for a credit card. The application procedure also varies from bank to bank. 

Some banks gives access and facilitates you for student credit card apply online following banks terms and conditions. The online policy is 8not available to some other banks. You have to go directly to the bank branch and Apply for a student credit card.

Student credit card eligibility and Credit Card Qualifications:

  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Must be a student studying in college

Student credit card documents required and Qualifications

  • Birth certificate
  • Identity card issued by the college / university
  • Current home address identification card
  • Recent passport size photo
  • PAN card

Features of Student Credit Card 2021:

Student Credit Card limit: Compared to other credit cards offered by banks, these credit cards have a very limited range. The student credit card limit is only Rs 15,000 per share. This limit was imposed so that students would not have a decent income and they would not have to spend too much and fall into the debt trap.

Student Credit Card duration: Credit cards usually have a validity period of 3 years. However, student credit cards have a validity period of 5 years.

Duplicate Student Credit Card: If the student card holder loses their card, the banks will issue them a duplicate card. However, while some banks pay for these completely free of charge, other banks offer regular fees. 

Student Credit card Charges and Fees: No additional fees are required to obtain Student Credit Cards. Annual fees are also low enough for students to manage.

Student Credit card Required Documents: These credit cards do not require as much documentation as other credit cards to apply for. Gives at least some paperwork.

Benefits of a Student credit card and Special Deals, Rewards: If you make a purchase using credit cards, you can get a certain amount in the form of cashback and cash points. Special offers, discounts and various services are available all over the world. The cardholder can upgrade the Student Credit Card to a regular Credit Card at any time.

Ways to Get a Student Credit Card How to apply: Banks offer Student Credit Card facility to students without any job, source of income, income tax returns. Therefore students have to choose one of the following ways to get a Student Credit Card in their name. 

Fixed Deposit: Those who have a fixed deposit in the bank in the name of the student can apply for a credit card. However, banks are required to make a fixed deposit of a fixed amount. 

Ad on card: One of the family members who has a credit card has to apply for an add-on card in the name of a student. Those applying for the addon card should have a good credit score. However, this facility is available only to some banks.

Strong Savings Account: A credit card will be issued even if you have a history of saving a large amount of money in a savings account at the bank you are applying for. This facility is also available only in some banks.

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