Wife and husband relationship secrets Today: What happens if you stop romance all at once

Today Relationship between wife and husband to be long run investment on time which bonds forever with sweet romance and cures all types of upcoming diseases connected with growing age.

Key points of Investment on Time

  • What happens if humans stop romance all at once
  • How should be wife and Husband relationship
  • Why healthy human relations better than money
  • How is health  and wellness related

Husband and wife romance after marriage brings great sweetness. Makes each other very closer to share everything. That is why romance becomes an important part of married life. 

However, no matter how close the about wife and husband relationship is, it's not wrong to be separated once in a while. 

Wife and husband relationship secrets

The relationship between wife and husband should be like friends
Experts warn that this break in married life may not be temporary, but it is dangerous in the long run. They say that stopping romance suddenly can lead to mental and physical problems. Let's find out now from some of those issues.

How should be wife and husband relationship

Excuse, Compromising and Trust on each other whether it is ability or capability, by giving encouragement makes couple relationship very strong. 

Ego, domination on each other never bonds husband and wife relationship it increases gap between each other and leads to divorce or suicides. One of the best solution is respecting each other i.e wife's or husband's order, idea, solution, in finance, family matters or any events or tour etc.

Investment on Time is important to human life for maintaining good relationships, without these there is no use having Properties, Bank balance, Jewellery, Currency money etc.

Wife and husband relationship in bed

Couples may occasionally have to abstain from sex for any reason other than marital discord or work stress.

Anxiety increases

Romance can help alleviate anxiety. It regulates stress hormones in the body. So the participants in the romance are healthy and happy. However, when you are away from romance, the level of stress-inducing hormones goes out of control. Thereby increasing anxiety.

Decreased heart function.

Research shows that people who have romance twice or thrice a week are more likely to have heart disease than those who have romance once or twice a month. There is no reason for this, Sex acts as an exercise for the body and reduces anxiety and stress. The result is a peace of mind. The heart works well and Memory also increases.

Exercise decreases

Romance burns 5 calories per minute. It's almost the same as walking every day. In addition, engaging in romance can help with exercises similar to descending stairs and working in the garden. That is why romance promotes mental health as well as exercise. Is it possible to reduce exercise if you stop having sex?

The immune system is weakened

Frequent sexual contact with germs increases porodo immunoglobulin. This means that the immune system increases. Immunity is lower in those who have sex once or twice a month than in those who have sex twice a week.

Bonds become weak

Sex washes your brain and keeps you together for a long time. Lack of satisfaction in your married life without romance Bonds are likely to be damaged. Couples who have sex at least once a week are living comfortably and happily.

Decreased sperm health

A study has found that men who ejaculate less than seven times a month are more likely to develop prostate cancer than those who ejaculate for about 20 days a month. As well as insecure, anonymous romance, do not favor multiple partners. It can further increase the risk of prostate cancer. So be careful in this matter.


Prolactin and oxytocin, the hormones that help you sleep peacefully, are not released if you do not have sex. Decreased estrogen levels that help sleep in women. Also if you want to have sex again after many days you need good sleep the night before or you will be lethargic.

Suffering from pain

Romance can soothe your mind from all kinds of aches and pains. Orgasm releases endorphins and other hormones that help your body reduce head, back, and leg pain. It can also help reduce arthritis pain and menstrual cramps.

Decreased sexual potency

When women stop having sex, menstruation stops and the vaginal tissue becomes thinner in the long run it also dries. It causes pain while having sex. It also weakens cravings. According to some research, men who have sex less than once a week are less likely to have an erection.

Blood Pressure increases

Romance lowers blood pressure in the body. Sex becomes an exercise that reduces anxiety and keeps you calm. The result is that BP does not rise. Blood pressure will increase automatically if you stop having sex.

How is health better than wealth

Really, 'Health is wealth' its not a quote but it makes sense when any one invest their valuable time on human relations then there would be lot of opportunities to make money. When its comes to husband and wife relationship then there is no doubt that money automatically increases when couple co-operate, respect ideas of each other in financial matters. 

How is health and wellness related

Mainly, mental health is very important to wife and husband its depends on the behavior of each other. Maintaining Eco-atmosphere in the house increase the affection about wife and husband relationship. If wife or husband supports in financial, health, family matters and keep sufficient healthy relationship with relatives, proper understanding makes Eco-friendly home.

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