Phone Storage: How to get unlimited Internal storage on android


Get Unlimited Phone Storage: Is the phone storage full? These tips will help you to make more internal storage space on android!

We want to turn every moment into sweet memories when moving to new places. That is why we capture every moment by taking photos with phone camera or digital camera at beautiful scenes and locations. 

But, during enjoyable movement sometimes the message "Storage full" appears at the time of taking the photo on the mobile. Storage limit varies from MB to GB. Most people do not seem to have enough memory in the smartphone. 

Phone Storage

If you've the phone SD card support then its OK. Otherwise If you do not have SD card support, let's see how to increase internal storage space on android without SD card and what can be done to store the latest photos, videos and other files on your smartphone.

To get free internal storage on android say goodbye to apps

The increase in the use of apps is also the reason why the phone storage is full. We can overcome the storage problem in the phone by deleting the apps that we do not use often. To do this, open the Apps section in Phone Settings and click on Manage Apps. 

free internal storage on android

It contains a list of apps on your phone. They include information about which apps are using your phone's storage. From there you need to select and uninstall mobile apps that you do not use, as well as smart apps that occupy unnecessary storage. This will free up some storage on your smart mobile phone.

Do not store large files in internal memory

Every Android phone has a Google Files app. If you open it, it will show you the folders of phone, storage, SD card sections as well as photo, audio, video and documents. Then click on the three dots at the top right and the Analysis ‌Storage ‌ option will appear. 

If you open it and scroll down you will see a list of large files‌. Deleting files that you do not need in them will give you more storage on your phone at once.

Whatsapp storage full problem

From messaging to photo, video and document sharing, WhatsApp is being used by more and more people around the world. But every day we get a lot of photos and videos from friends, relatives and co-workers. Our phone gallery is filled with them. 

You need to use WhatsApp Storage Manager to delete these files from time to time. To do this, open Storage and Data in WhatsApp Settings and click on Manage Storage. It contains a list of files larger than 5 MB in size. Selecting and deleting the ones you do not need will free up some phone memory.

What is the best free cloud storage for photos

It is best to use cloud storage to free up phone memory as much as possible and try to avoid store high resolution photos or videos in the phone gallery. 

Instead of gallery better you can save photos, videos, files on your phone to Google Photos, Drive and One Cloud. If you are already using them, backing up the files in the gallery from time to time and deleting them from the phone's storage will free up new media files on your phone and get more internal phone storage on android.

How do I clear cache on my android

Clearing the catch another way to overcome the storage problem on the phone is to clear the app cache. Many of us mistakenly click on Clear Storage instead of clearing the cache and losing user data. That is why care must be taken when clearing the catch. 

To do this, click on the App section in the phone settings and a list of apps will appear. In it you need to open any app you want to catch and clear. Then click on Storage and you will see two options, Clear Data and Clear Cache. Clicking on Clear Cache will free up some of your phone's memory.

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