Whatsapp new feature update: Delete for Everyone time limit Revised !

Have you noticed Whatsapp new feature update now available after this change in WhatsApp! Delete for every one feature time limit has increased in WhatsApp. This facility is already available to users. What is the use of delete for every one feature, see how much the time limit has increased.

New features are updating frequently to popular messaging app WhatsApp to compete with other social network services. Through these updates user are getting new facilities and experience advance technology. 

Whatsapp new feature update

WhatsApp keeps trying to bring more features. WhatsApp has recently brought an extra time to all users for a feature. The same is the extension of the time limit for the 'Delete for Everyone' feature. 

After sending the message, this feature is useful for the receiver to delete the message as well. The delete for everyone feature is very useful in those times, whether you send a wrong message or send a message to someone else. The message can also be deleted by those who have revised it.

Earlier, the time limit for Delete for Every One was 1 hour 8 minutes 18 seconds. Only then the receiver also had the facility to delete the message. But WhatsApp has greatly increased this time limit. 

WhatsApp has been testing the delete for every one time limit extension for a few months. After that it was brought to beta users. Now gradually providing this facility to all users. Many users have already received this time extension.

WhatsApp has increased the delete for every one time limit to 2 days 12 hours 16 seconds. This means that you can delete the message even to the receiver at any time within two and a half days of sending the message. 

WhatsApp has brought this deadline extension silently. Beta testing has been going on for a while now, but this feature is currently being rolled out to everyone.

Many users have already got the time limit facility of 2 days and 12 hours. Even two days old messages can be deleted through delete for every one. Try it yourself.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature that will allow the admin to delete messages from any participant in the group. If this feature comes, the admin will have the power to delete any message from any member of the group. This feature will come to beta users first and then to everyone. WhatsApp is also working on an edit feature that will provide the facility to edit messages even after sending them.

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