Dukaan AI: E-commerce company replaces employees. Know Why?


Online social media one of the startup e-commerce company's Key decision is trending i.e Dukaan will replace their employees with Dukaan AI. Many twitter users are confusing the tweet made by the CEO of Bangalore-based e-commerce firm Dukaan. However, he has urged anyone who disapproves of his decision to read his explanation on LinkedIn.

Online social media one of the startup e-commerce company's Key decision is trending i.e Dukaan will replace their employees with Dukaan AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) expanding its roots gradually in all sectors. Some companies are already planning to deliver services with AI instead of employees. Bangalore based domestic startup e-commerce company runs in the name of Dukaan has announced that they are going to introduce Dukaan AI in their coming project. 

He said, that 90 percent of the employees working in their company's customer service department are being replaced by artificial intelligence. 

The CEO of the company, Sumit Shah, tweeted to that effect.
We already implemented our project work by replacing our 90 percent of customer service staff with artificial intelligence. This decision is difficult to hear, but it is inevitable. We made this decision with the goal of increasing profit sharing for the company. This has reduced the company's total spend on customer service management by 85%. Additionally, the time to serve a customer was reduced from two hours to three minutes," he said. 

Many social media user criticized the store's CEO's decision. However, Sumit asked everyone who criticized his decision on Twitter to see the explanation given on LinkedIn.
“Most startups don't want to become unicorns considering the country's economy. They intend to continue as profitable companies only. In that order, the use of AI in the customer service department can save time and provide faster services. 

However "We are not assure that AI replace human employees. Instead of assigning unique responsibilities to effective employees, it's a good decision to assign them roles in other departments that support the company's development," LinkedIn said in a statement. the post.

On the other hand, the company's internal investigation has revealed that most of the employees working in customer service at your company are highly educated and cannot actively manage their duties because they have the same responsibilities assigned on a basis daily. 

It has been suggested that those who have lost their jobs can apply for jobs in the company's product design, e-commerce and artificial intelligence departments.

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