New DA Hike 2024: 10 Benefits to Employees and Pensioners

The Central Government has given good news to the Employees and pensioners with New DA hike 2024 - a huge increase in the salaries of the employees, the pension of the pensioners, 10 types of benefits will be given to the employees and pensioners due to this increase how much DA and DR will benefit to Retired and Working Employees?

The Government of India shared Good news to the Central Government Employees and Pensioners. The decision was announced by increasing Dearness Allowance. It can be said that due to this, the central government employees will get a huge relief. Salaries will go up to employees as well pensioners also get benefits.

New DA Hike 2024: 10 Benefits to Employees and Pensioners

Understanding the Increase in Dearness Allowance (DA)

DA increased by 4 percent. With this dearness allowance has now reached 50 percent. Earlier dearness allowance was 46 percent. Wages of employees will also increase due to increase in DA. Also pensioners have a chance to get higher pension due to increase in DR.

Now let's know in detail the extent of benefits for Employees and Pensioners. The decision to increase DA and DR will be effective from January 1, 2024. The estimated 49.18 lakh central government workers and the 67.95 lakh central government pensioners will profit from this.

DA is a part of salary of government employees. Hence, if dearness allowance is increased, the salary of the employees will also go up. Now let's know how much the Salary can increase due to DA increase. Due to the increase in DR, the pension will also go up.

Extensive Benefits for Employees and Pensioners

For example, if we consider those who have a basic salary of Rs.45,700, they have 46 percent DA so far, i.e. DA is Rs.21,022. Now DA has reached 50 percent. That means DA will be Rs.22,850. Now the salary will go up to Rs.1818 due to increase in DA.

Here the employees will also get another benefit. Due to DA reaching 50 percent, according to the proposals of the 7th Pay Commission, if DA reaches 50 percent, many Salary components will also go up. Due to this, the wages of the employees may go up further. Many allowances including House Rent Allowance (HRA) will be increased.

Impact on Government Employees' Salary Increment: HRA, Children's Education Allowance, Special Allowance for Child Care, Hostel Subsidy, TA on Transfer, Gratuity Ceiling, Dress Allowance, Mileage Allowance for Own Transport, Daily Allowance can all be increased. That means there are about ten types of benefits.

For example, if the basic salary is Rs.45,700, the HRA in Y category city is Rs.8226. But as DA reaches 50 percent, HRA can reach 20 percent. Then it will be Rs.9140. That means HRA will increase by Rs.914. It may vary depending on the city.

And for pensioners, the DR increased by 4 percent. With this DR has now increased to 50 percent. Rs. 36,100 for basic pension, DR was till now Rs.16,606. Now it will reach Rs.18,050. That means the monthly pension will go up to Rs.1444.

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