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Are You searching Home Loan Transfer and Top up today offering banks in the Market? Know These Things Before Transferring a Loan.

transfer Home Loan from one bank to another

Banks have been slashing interest rates on home loans significantly in recent times. Various efforts are being made to attract customers. Newer borrowers as well as those who have a home loan from other banks are also being offered various types of loans. When it comes to home loan transfers, Holiday and gift vouchers along with low interest rates are attracting customers. With this, some people are showing interest in loan transfer. Let us know these details at once.

Can I Really Benefit From a Home Loan Transfer to a Bank with a lower interest rate? Or will it take a heavy toll?

What is a home loan transfer?

After taking a home loan from a bank for a while you may not like the interest rate and other things in that bank. 

In such a case, the bank of choice will have the option to transfer the home loan. This is know as Home Loan Transfer. 

It's kind of like that taking out a new loan. This means that you will transfer the loan to any bank. That bank will give you a new loan. If not, the amount will be paid to the bank where your existing loan is located. In the new bank, the interest rate applicable when taking a new loan, EMI will apply.

Can i transfer home loan from one bank to another? How to process

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) is required for loan transfer from the Existing Bank first.
  • Along with the NOC, the bank also provides details of the outstanding loan amount.
  • We want to transfer both these loans to any bank or any lending institution. It should be handed over to that bank.
  • After processing them, the loan amount will be paid to the Existing Bank.
  • Once the loan amount is repaid, the old bank will cancel your loan account and provide all the documents to the new bank.

Is it possible to transfer home loan from one bank to another?

  • Home loan for five years: It is Better check home loan less than five years
  • In the case of a new borrower, i.e the first five years, the loan transfer is somewhat mixed. 
  • This is because most of the pre-paid EMIs on home loans go under interest. 
  • In such a case the burden will be lessened by switching to a bank with a lower interest rate. 
  • It is best not to transfer in the middle of the loan period. 
  • Because up to that point most of the amount you paid in the form of EMIs would go under interest. 
  • So if the loan is transferred in the middle then the interest burden will have to be borne again.

What next When there is a difference in the interest rate

If the difference between the existing loan interest rate and the interest rate in other banks is only 5 to 20 basis points, it is better not to make a loan transfer. If it is more than 25 basis points, you can think about transfer.

Can I switch into floating interest option

If your existing home loan is fixed then it is a good idea to transfer it to floating. This is because the RBI keeps changing interest rates on home loans from time to time. 

For the most part, interest rates continue to fall. So if the home loan interest rate is fixed in your old bank switching to floating will be beneficial. 

There is also no penalty on foreclosure charges for home loan due to floating interest rates.

The additional charges for home loan transfer may be burden

A loan transfer is a new loan. The transfer will still have to do paperwork as it did in the new loan. So we will transfer the loan to any bank. 

The bank officials will collect the processing fee, legal and valuation fees as well as stamp duty from you. 

Is there any charges for home loan transfer: There is a possibility of charging an additional charge of 0.25 per cent to one per cent on the outstanding loan. So it is advisable to take these factors into consideration while making a loan transfer as well.

What are the Penalty charges for home loan transfer

Some banks charge penalty for home loan transfer from the customer for the loan transfer. So it is a good idea to read the home loan documents thoroughly before making a transfer. It is better not to have any penalty for the transfer. 

If there is a penalty, it is necessary to know how much will be charged. This is because the money will have to be paid for loan processing in the new bank already. In addition to that, paying the penalty in the existing bank means that the additional burden will be borne.

Need to Get Life Insurance with Home Loan? Check home loan insurance benefits

Usually, we take a home loan. In addition to that, the bank officials suggest not to take insurance. The loan transfer will then ask you to take out insurance as well. However, in some banks, the authorities insist that the insurance must be taken properly. 

But do you need insurance along with the loan? At Is entirely up to you whether to take or not. You've right to reject the proposal of Home Loan Insurance offering or insisting any bank along with Home loan. 

Experts suggests that one time insurance for home loan is advisable instead paying every month emi, if you are a salaries person then it is more burden on your monthly income.

Today Relationship between wife and husband to be long run investment on time which bonds forever with sweet romance and cures all types of upcoming diseases connected with growing age.

Key points of Investment on Time

  • What happens if humans stop romance all at once
  • How should be wife and Husband relationship
  • Why healthy human relations better than money
  • How is health  and wellness related

Husband and wife romance after marriage brings great sweetness. Makes each other very closer to share everything. That is why romance becomes an important part of married life. 

However, no matter how close the about wife and husband relationship is, it's not wrong to be separated once in a while. 

Wife and husband relationship secrets

The relationship between wife and husband should be like friends
Experts warn that this break in married life may not be temporary, but it is dangerous in the long run. They say that stopping romance suddenly can lead to mental and physical problems. Let's find out now from some of those issues.

How should be wife and husband relationship

Excuse, Compromising and Trust on each other whether it is ability or capability, by giving encouragement makes couple relationship very strong. 

Ego, domination on each other never bonds husband and wife relationship it increases gap between each other and leads to divorce or suicides. One of the best solution is respecting each other i.e wife's or husband's order, idea, solution, in finance, family matters or any events or tour etc.

Investment on Time is important to human life for maintaining good relationships, without these there is no use having Properties, Bank balance, Jewellery, Currency money etc.

Wife and husband relationship in bed

Couples may occasionally have to abstain from sex for any reason other than marital discord or work stress.

Anxiety increases

Romance can help alleviate anxiety. It regulates stress hormones in the body. So the participants in the romance are healthy and happy. However, when you are away from romance, the level of stress-inducing hormones goes out of control. Thereby increasing anxiety.

Decreased heart function.

Research shows that people who have romance twice or thrice a week are more likely to have heart disease than those who have romance once or twice a month. There is no reason for this, Sex acts as an exercise for the body and reduces anxiety and stress. The result is a peace of mind. The heart works well and Memory also increases.

Exercise decreases

Romance burns 5 calories per minute. It's almost the same as walking every day. In addition, engaging in romance can help with exercises similar to descending stairs and working in the garden. That is why romance promotes mental health as well as exercise. Is it possible to reduce exercise if you stop having sex?

The immune system is weakened

Frequent sexual contact with germs increases porodo immunoglobulin. This means that the immune system increases. Immunity is lower in those who have sex once or twice a month than in those who have sex twice a week.

Bonds become weak

Sex washes your brain and keeps you together for a long time. Lack of satisfaction in your married life without romance Bonds are likely to be damaged. Couples who have sex at least once a week are living comfortably and happily.

Decreased sperm health

A study has found that men who ejaculate less than seven times a month are more likely to develop prostate cancer than those who ejaculate for about 20 days a month. As well as insecure, anonymous romance, do not favor multiple partners. It can further increase the risk of prostate cancer. So be careful in this matter.


Prolactin and oxytocin, the hormones that help you sleep peacefully, are not released if you do not have sex. Decreased estrogen levels that help sleep in women. Also if you want to have sex again after many days you need good sleep the night before or you will be lethargic.

Suffering from pain

Romance can soothe your mind from all kinds of aches and pains. Orgasm releases endorphins and other hormones that help your body reduce head, back, and leg pain. It can also help reduce arthritis pain and menstrual cramps.

Decreased sexual potency

When women stop having sex, menstruation stops and the vaginal tissue becomes thinner in the long run it also dries. It causes pain while having sex. It also weakens cravings. According to some research, men who have sex less than once a week are less likely to have an erection.

Blood Pressure increases

Romance lowers blood pressure in the body. Sex becomes an exercise that reduces anxiety and keeps you calm. The result is that BP does not rise. Blood pressure will increase automatically if you stop having sex.

How is health better than wealth

Really, 'Health is wealth' its not a quote but it makes sense when any one invest their valuable time on human relations then there would be lot of opportunities to make money. When its comes to husband and wife relationship then there is no doubt that money automatically increases when couple co-operate, respect ideas of each other in financial matters. 

How is health and wellness related

Mainly, mental health is very important to wife and husband its depends on the behavior of each other. Maintaining Eco-atmosphere in the house increase the affection about wife and husband relationship. If wife or husband supports in financial, health, family matters and keep sufficient healthy relationship with relatives, proper understanding makes Eco-friendly home.

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United Nations has declared International Yoga Day on 21st June to make this day for changing life.

Prime Minister of India, Narendar Modi asked the world leaders to adopt an International Yoga Day, saying that by changing lifestyles and creating consciousness, it can help us deal with climate change.

Across the world demand for Yoga gradually increasing in this connection most of the mobile app developers / Yoga tutors are developing mobile apps especially for Yoga asanas.

Here, for Android users '10 Daily Yoga poses' mobile app launched at Google play stores for free of cost.
This new Yoga app is available for Android users with 2.3.3 version for changing life life style to maintain daily health.

10 Daily Yoga poses App, can now be downloaded from the Google play store where users can easily practice several Yoga Asanas.

There are many signs available that shows you about 'How to Pose Yoga Asana? and options like how long you performed Yoga asanas, reminders, Total fitness etc.

Go to Google Playstore and Install '10 Daily Yoga Poses' app - Download now

Tips Before Buying house in gated community check these things and remember how to secure or what to avoid when buying property in gated community.

Key points for buying property in Gated communities

  • What is Gated community and what is it special?
  • What are things to be considered for your security in gated community
  • Which special facilities and amenities to be analyzed?

Gated community with Pleasant atmosphere, lush greenery all around, beautiful parks for relaxation, small playgrounds for children, gymnasium for exercise, clubs for recreation, swimming pool for fun. 

gated communities today for buying property

Buying your first investment property:
Every common man who wants to buy house or investment house thinks how nice it would be if every needs was close to home. 

In fact only a few of these facilities are available. For serenity, recognizing these shortcomings, real estate developers introduced gated communities to the public. 

Ordinary apartments and houses are located on the side of the road and disturb the tranquility with the sounds of the bells. 

From a security standpoint, such homes are far from safe. However, most of the time we spend happily at home as we like. It is safe to say, that supply was low and demand was high for today's generation.

What is gated community special?

Smart Property Investment: Gated communities are the establishment of residential areas in a designated area with strong security, large barricades, and arrangements such as electrical fencing. 

Many people are inclined to buy such houses as there are many facilities in these communities which are important for safety.

High Security system for gated community

Security is primarily concerned with gated communities. 

  • No one can enter into the premises of gated community without permission from the concerned property owner or outsider can not breach access unless permitted. 
  • Details of every outsider entering into the gated community premises whether milk-boy, paper boy, home servant etc., arriving are recorded by the security personnel. 
  • The installation of CCTV cameras and strong fencing will reduce the incidence of unethical activities. There will be control over the speed of vehicles on internal roads within the community. 
  • This reduces the risk of accidents. 
  • It should be noted that the problem of air pollution is not as big as there are trees in lots of space.

Good gated community amenities time pass environment

Adults work hard all day in the office and children wrestle with books at school where the ideal environment is for them to come home and relax. 

  • Gated communities do not have that problem. 
  • There are community clubs for adults to relax. 
  • Facilities like gym and swimming pool are in sight to increase body endurance. 
  • Children can be left free in the park and adults can do their chores here. 
  • The children are accompanied by lots of friends. 
  • Small playgrounds have slide and swing arrangements for them to play nicely. 
  • All the women in the community get to have kitty parties together. 
  • Good good contacts are formed.

Special Facilities in gated community

Special attractions include clean surroundings, filtered drinking water, 24 hour water supply, generators, gas pipelines, fire prevention equipment, spacious interior roads, flexible parking space, children's playgrounds and parks.

Before buying or house investment in gated community! Check these things

Buying a home in a gated community can be a bit daunting compared to outsourcing. However in a gated‌ community all the houses are almost the same so the prices are likely to be the same.

  • Find out how much maintenance charges are levied in the name of security.
  • Find out if water and gas bills are being paid at a reasonable rate or in high demand.
  • Inquire about the terms of use of the swimming pool, gym, and children's parks, and the fees to be paid for them.
  • If there are stores, markets, etc. in the gated community, they should consider whether they are giving equal to the external prices or not.
  • Internal roads come under the purview of the private sector so it remains to be seen whether any of them will be charged.
  • Gated communities are ideal for those who want to live in a safe, pleasant environment no matter how high the cost.

Restrictions on gated communities

  • Some gated communities are away from the city so commuting takes time.
  • Home visitors can dutifully sign at the security and send a phone call from the owner when it arrives, which can be annoying.
  • Prices are likely to rise further if the demand for flats for sale after a gated community is built is high.

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Investment Plans Today: Systematic Investment plan (SIP) one of the best investment plan to make money online with small investment. By hearing this tip, it is Impossible to believe idea, yes! With 9000 per month Investment anyone can earn money online to Get Crore in 15 years.

How to start sip investment: Starting SIP with 9 thousand per month,  long term investment in mutual fund means investment above period i.e upto 15 years or above?


Long term investment plans with high returns:
When you're targeting and planning for long run goals to get maximum income with less investment then to make your investment plan success Systematic Investment plan (SIP) in mutual funds is right choice and best idea for children education / Retirement life or purchase house etc.

How to get crore in 15 years: Some people think of the work that everyone does in general from another angle. Thereby achieving success. The same principle applies to investing. Experts say earn money online with small investment i.e high returns can be achieved by investing a little smarter than the way everyone goes. 

For example, it is a well-known fact that investing in mutual funds through a systematic investment plan (SIP) has the potential to yield good returns in the long run with compounding benefits. 

Benefits of long term investment in mutual fund: That is why investors invest for a long time in mutual funds through SIP. However it is important to note that many of those who invest in this way increase the amount of the sip as their salary increases. Long term investment in mutual fund means investment above period.

Earn more money less investment: Economists say that investors can achieve their investment goal in less time.

Earn money at home online: If you want earn money from home with small investment upto 1 crore when you reach at age 40 years then this sip investment tips?

Why invest in mutual funds?: Investors have the potential to earn 8 to 12 percent return on their risk potential if they continue to invest for more than 10 years. However, those who invest with the goal of getting Rs 1 crore at the age of 40 will have to take some risk. For them, equity mutual funds are a good option.

How to set up sip account: For those who have started investing with a target of Rs 1 crore, a simple flat mutual fund sip is not enough to reach their intended goal. 

This involves going to an equity mutual fund investment with an annual step-up. Equity mutual funds have a minimum return of 12%. 

Also, this step-up approach will help investors to achieve the goal of starting SIP with a minimal monthly investment.

How much money to invest in mutual funds: How much to increase annually ?: If investors start investing at the age of 25 to 40 years will have a grace period of 15 years. Experts usually suggest a 10 percent annual step-up. 

How to increase sip amount in mutual fund: The investment target here is big so the annual step-up should be at least 15 per cent. According to the Mutual Fund SIP Calculator, if a person starts sipping at the age of 25, he has to invest Rs 9,000 per month initially to reach the target of Rs 1 crore in the next 15 years, with an annual return of 12 per cent by the age of 40. 

The latter should be an annual step-up rate of 15 per cent. Then he / she has invested Rs.51,38,684, total return Rs.50,96,594, maturity amount Rs. Becomes 1,02,35,278 i.e One crore Two lakhs thirty five thousand two hundred and seventy eight

Important Note: The above article is for knowledge purpose and by investing money in right mutual funds may reach your goals as said above. If you've any further doubts related to SIP in mutual funds then consult any Financial SIP expert advice.

If we analyze recent years investment options, digital gold India topped the list of countries that imported the most gold in the world. 

Indians also use gold as an investment tool. However, gold does not have to be bought directly in metal form as in the past. Gold bonds, ETFs and digital gold can be invested in many ways. 

Investment plans in India: The new generation of youngsters is interested in investing in digital gold. Let's see what digital gold means!

Digital Gold Investment

What is Digital Gold means

As the name implies you have no physical gold. The gold you buy can be virtually deposited in an online account. Every time the money is paid i.e (digital gold investment), the sellers buy the gold and keep it with them.

Why digital gold investment popular

Investment options generally, buying gold in metal form requires at least Rs 5,000 in the current scenario. Less than that is difficult. But that is not the case with digital gold. Gold worth one rupee can also be bought. 

Is digital gold a good investment: Digital Gold does not have such problems these days as it is difficult to spot counterfeits. Also, if we have gold in metallic form we should always be vigilant. But, there are no such problems with digital gold. 

The sellers buy the gold on our behalf and keep it safe. There is also an insurance facility. Moreover, their prices are linked to the international market. This will have no effect on local developments on prices. Presented to you in metallic form when you wish. 

Digital Gold Mortgage for Online Loans. It is for these reasons that digital gold has become extremely popular in recent times.

Who is selling digital gold

In India, companies like Digmont Gold are sold by Augmont Gold Limited, MMTC-PMP India Pvt Ltd and Digital Gold India private limited. 

Fintech companies such as Paytm, PhonePay, GooglePay, AmazonPay, Bajaj Finserv, as well as PSD retailers such as Tanishq and PCJ are bringing these companies' services closer to consumers. 

Apart from these, various mobile wallets, distributors and investment platforms also distribute the digital gold products of the above three companies. In a way these companies act like digital 'gold' distribution systems.

This is the new rule of SEBI.

So far, stockbroking companies, including FinTech, have also brought digital gold closer to consumers. But, SEBI has ruled that it will not be possible from 2021 September 10th. 

The Securities Contracts Rules, 1957 make it clear that digital gold cannot be recognized as a security. SEBI has said that controlling the sale of digital gold does not fall within its purview. In this context, the companies under their control should stop these sales.

The condition of those who have already purchased

Those who have already bought digital gold through broking companies should sell it through the same companies. Or you can take gold in metallic form. Investors will no longer have to deal directly with companies that sell digital 'gold'

However, only non-broking platforms like PhonePay, GooglePay and Paytm can bring these services closer to the customers.

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