Cash Flow Management tips: Control Expenditure Start Saving!


With proper cash flow management tips you will have money on hand for any need. Making money and paying all the bills on regular due date or time is not cash management. It's just routine process of lifestyle. 

Beyond that you've to think about, 

  1. How do you make money? 
  2. How are you spending? 
  3. What are you're daily or monthly needs? 
  4. Are you happy with your financial status? 

Analyzing all these aspects one by one is more important. These four factors play a key role in financial management.

1. Income streams: Businesses, whether in the form of wages, income from home rent, investments in Mutual funds (Systematic Investment plan) or Investment in Stocks or earning from online. 

Cash Flow Management tips

Earning money second source of Income like Youtube, maintaining website or blog, social media, online teaching, part-time jobs etc. 

In some cases, working longer hours, doing a part-time job, or choosing a more lucrative investment to supplement your income.

2. Expenditure incurred: Expenditure incurred on a daily basis is negligible. That means rent, Home Loan EMI, transportation, school fees, electricity bill, mobile bill, food expenses, etc. every month. 

If it is not possible to escape, it can be reduced to some extent if desired. Moving from a small apartment to a house with low rent. If not, you can reduce the cost by switching off the fan, lights, and snacking outside, shopping near by stores by walk without using bike or car can save petrol cost, reduce unnecessary food orders to save delivery, tip and GST charges .

3. Discretionary Expenditure: Expenditure should be controlled. Some people buy with anxiety year after year in the name of mega shopping mela or amazon great Indian festival or flipkart big billion days or big convenience shopping even when it is not needed. 

For example, buying at a higher rate online under the name of branded clothes, One Plus One offers, discount offer, bank offer in the name of free purchase even if there is no need. Such shopping expenses can be kept under control.
4. How to save money from salary every month: Are you saving regularly or not? Are you saving money the rest of the time? Make sure. Remember that saving will provide financial security for you and your family. The savings policy you choose will also guarantee security and profit.

One of the best tip is know importance of financial planning and start personal financial planning as early as possible without wasting time.

Lastly how to make money from home: You need to fully understand the details of your income and expenses before handling the cash. 

How to save money from salary every month

Similarly, some money should be taken aside for savings. When you feel you do not have enough money to save, make it a habit to transfer some of your salary to other accounts. 

Investments can be initiated only after the situation has come under control. Remember that proper cash management is the source of investment

Buffett says, "Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving." avoid unnecessary spending and think once before you spend.

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