Bank offers: Earn money through credit card - Do not miss the opportunity

A credit card is the equivalent of cash in your hand. With this you can easily earn money through credit card using for all purpose in terms of cashback reward points offered by banks or merchants. 

A companion who helps when you need it. There are a number of options with this card, such as the limited period of time available for repayment after spending, the EMI facility, and the ability to get a good credit score. 

Credit card is used when it is not possible to transact cash with UPI. There are also some discounts and special offers for expenses incurred through these. Therefore, it is possible to make full use of them if you know about them.

Earn cash back on credit cards

In recent times many companies have been releasing co-branded cards. Offer special discounts on these. 

Some get it right away, while others are useful in the long run. Co-branded travel cards offer up to x% or xx% cash back on airline tickets. It happens every time. Other credit cards offer occasional discounts and offers. And how to know about these.

Regularly Check your email Account:

Credit card companies often notify cardholders about offers via e-mail and SMS. So, you need to update your mail ID, phone numbers with the card company. Sometimes the mail arrives but goes into the spam folder. 

The content of the offers may not be known if this is ignored. So, once that mail has to be taken to the inbox. Then you know all the information coming from the credit card.

Check Bank Official Website: Companies always put the benefits of the card on their websites. The details can also be found in the bank's mobile app. You should look at this information from time to time. If you want to increase the credit card limit and take a different type of card. The information is available on the website.

Offers from merchants: From e-commerce websites to large brand showrooms, special offers are available for credit card shoppers. Stay tuned for anything like this. When buying an item you like, find out who is discounting it. Some offers are for a limited time only. Therefore, check the due date before conducting transactions.

Credit card call center or Bank service center: Suppose you are not getting proper information about the offers available on your credit‌ card. In this case you can contact the card company customer support center for full details. 

Earn cash back on credit cardsFor example, suppose you want to get a discount of when you want to book a flight ticket from a website. But, you can contact customer care and ask if there is a better offer. Sometimes there is no chance of getting a Rs.x,xxx discount.

There are also some online websites to find out what the special offers on credit cards. These can be examined. Before buying an item you want, you need to know its actual price. Then it will be known whether there is really a discount or not. 

If you have more than one credit card, check which card has the most benefits. Use the highest discount card. Terms and conditions should be double-checked before availing discount of any type of transaction. Under no circumstances should you share your card details or OTP with anyone.

Credit card companies now send alert messages to mobile and registered email IDs to all its subscribers that 'Do not share your OTP or Password Online or Over phone'. If any spam calls are received it is better to contact bank officials or customer care before you attempt any sharing credit card information with unknown persons.

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