How to fix phone heating problem? safety precautions for mobile phones


Are smartphones overheating in the summer? Follow these Safety precautions for mobile phones!
‘Recently one our colleague or relative or friends phone, which was charging, exploded due over heat problem and my phone is also facing the same mobile phone overheating problem in the meantime’. Similar problems are more common in the summer. 

What precautions of using mobile phones should take by mobile users in this regard? Also take a look at tips for maintaining battery life and how to save charging in mobile (battery saving tips).

How to solve phone heating issue and make Smartphone Safe?

How to fix phone heating problem

Keep away smartphone from direct Sunlight

It is known that the temperature is the same when we are at home and different when we go out. We should be just as careful about the phone as we are about the sun. 

If you use smartphone sun direct it will get more heat due to inbuilt electronic components (electrodes etc) and metal body. So experts suggest that it is better to take care not to let sunlight fall directly on the mobile.

Use Only branded charger and data cable for Phone charging

Experts advise to take care of the using charger or data cables for your smartphone. Expert suggest that when your charger is damaged or not working properly do not pick any cheap or china branded which is available in the mobile market and try to avoid this practice of buying low cost phone chargers or others cheap mobile charger adapter. 

Use only recommended mobile company charger. The company says to buy only original chargers from the same company if the chargers are damaged.

safety precautions for mobile phones

Beware of Damaged Phones (damage smartphone)

Some people use the phone without repairing it even if it accidentally breaks or minor damage occurs. This is not going to be any good. Damaged smartphones heat up faster and are more likely to explode. Experts suggest that it is best to use a repair kit as soon as possible.

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Are you overcharging? (how to protect battery from overcharging)

Most people charge their phone before going to bed. Charge overnight and wake up early in the morning. Experts say these type of practice doing charging overnight is very dangerous there might be chances of mobile explodes under pillow. 

If the phone is charged for hours, the battery capacity of the phone may be damaged. So the battery should be discharged after 90 to 100 percent charge

Latest upcoming branded smartphones have an inbuilt option automatic power off supply feature. It's OK to turn it on. The charging will stop automatically after the prescribed charging.

Turn off phone save battery (Location Services, Bluetooth, Wifi)

Mobile users, some features, like Bluetooth and location services and wifi (auto connect), are always keep Online. With the increasing use of smart watches and Bluetooth headsets, people are forgetting to turn them off. Experts say that it is better to turn off these options when not needed or else the battery capacity will be reduced as the phone will take more load.

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Reduce phone screen brightness setting (screen brightness reducer)

The screen brightness of a smartphone can also damage the battery capacity. It is best to keep it as low as possible. However, now the coming smartphones are giving automatic screen brightness mode. It is enough to activate it.

Delete unwanted apps from android phone (remove unused apps android)

Experts say that you should immediately delete the unused apps on your mobile along with the above tips. Those apps keep running in the background even when not in use. This reduces the battery capacity. Experts suggest deleting them immediately as this reduces battery capacity, which not only reduces the load on the smartphone but also saves phone space.

Using phone while charging is good or bad 

There is no danger in using the phone while it is charging. This myth stems from fears of overheating of batteries. Lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous if they have some kind of manufacturing defect, but this is rare.

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