Best deals for used cars: When is the best time to buy or sell a second hand car?

If you're searching for best deals for used cars and thinking about when is the best time to buy or sell a second hand car and you want to get a good price for second hand car sale. At the same time you don't know when to buy a used car, it is not possible to get very easily a good price. So to get best deals for used cars, let's see when to put the second hand car for sale.

How to get Good price for Second hand car for sale (buy used cars). Some people take a long-term view when buying a car. Some people use it for a few years and intend to change it when a new model comes in the market. However, it is not possible to get a good price if you don't know when to sell a used car. So to get a good price, let's see when to put the second hand car for sale.

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When operating costs are low

Experts say that selling a car within 4-5 years after buying it will fetch a good price. Or they suggest that it is better to sell a vehicle or how to sell a car for cash with vehicle having less than one lakh kilometer. If you have taken a car on loan, then it is better to sell it after loan tenure is completed and after repayment of car loan amount.

Simply put, find out what the car is currently worth in the market. Estimate how much the upcoming expenses and operating expenses will be in the next six months. If the sum of these two combined is more than the price you bought the car for, it is better to get rid of it.

When the resale value is high

Usually after 4-5 years of buying a car, its value depreciates by 50 percent. After that, there is no chance of a big price increase. Those who want to best buy second hand car do not like those that have traveled more than 50-60 thousand km. Also they don't take cars that are 4-5 years old. Because the maintenance costs become heavy.

If consumption decreases

After covid many people are working from home. This has reduced the use of vehicles. Or the use of cars may have been reduced for other reasons. In that case, even if the car is just sitting at home, its value will continue to depreciate as time goes by. At such a time it is better to sell used cars for cash.

If your means decrease

Petrol and diesel prices have increased. Due to this, the cost of other essentials has also increased. And accordingly, has your salary increased? Otherwise car maintenance can be a financial burden for you. Then try to buy a car that gives better mileage (good car mileage to buy). Or you can buy CNG (cng cars) and Electric cars (EV cars). There is a possibility of getting discount and incentives on these.

Send your car to scrap center and get rebate on new cars

Voluntary vehicle scrapping policy came into effect recently. Efficiency tests are conducted after 20 years for personal vehicles and after 15 years for commercial vehicles. The government said that if they fail in this, they should be converted into scrap. If your car is beyond that period then you have to hand it over to the scrap centers and get a certificate. Presenting it at the time of purchase of a new vehicle will get a five percent rebate.


How to sell or buy used cars at better price?

Dealers and manufacturers have the flexibility to sell cars directly. Known mechanics can also sell through social media. There are many platforms i.e websites like cardekho, carwale, spinny, cars24, cartrade and maruthi suzuki true value available online that sell cars online. Many dealers are connected to them. They will check and value your car thoroughly. Legal documentation will also be completed. Moreover, you can compare the prices offered by different companies online.

Benefits should also be transferred

After the sale of the car all the benefits on it should be transferred to the buyer. The registration should also be changed in their name. Car insurance policy facility should also be transferred. Otherwise there is a risk of any untoward incident happening on you.

Checklist for car buyers: 

  1. Before buying a used car, take any mechanic or car expert or car driver along with you and make a test drive.
  2. Check car meter reading i.e number of kilometers if it is above 75K or 1 lakh above experts suggest leave it.
  3. Check Car battery and Engine condition
  4. Check Car color painted (single coated or double coated i.e company original color or second painted), check number of dents, scratches
  5. Check power of headlights, back lights
  6. Check car Tyres (company) or replaced one or check tyre tread rubber
  7. Check car Stepney tools 
  8. Get Original Car Insurance, Road Certificate (RC), Pollution certificate 
  9. Don't pay full amount at the time of buying.

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