EPFO Higher pension Scheme: Clarified doubts on depositing interest


On EPFO Higher pension scheme, EPFO made Big Clarity on Employee Provident Fund Amount Deposit, Interest and How to download EPF Passbook from EPFO portal online. This is more beneficial for both employer as well employee who applied earlier or not applied till now for higher pension scheme.

Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has said something that will bring relief to the customers. Clarified doubts on other aspects including depositing interest in PF account. 

EPFO Higher pension Scheme

It said that there is no need to worry about interest not being credited. To this extent, the Employees' Provident Fund recently disclosed this matter on the platform of Twitter. Now let us know the key points of this announcement made by EPFO in this article.

Employees Provident Fund Organization EPFO has given good news to its customers. A key announcement was made on the doubts of the employees. EPFO has given clarity on doubts arising in the matter of deposit of interest in provident fund accounts. 

EPFO has been clarified that PF members will soon see their interest in their accounts. Interest will be credited only in the passbook showing the provident fund balance. Passbook is available on EPFO official website. Registered users can be accessed Passbook by installing EPFO mobile app or visiting EPFO website through employee UAN number and password.

The Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has given clarity on the doubts among EPF subscribers regarding the deposit of interest. It said that just because the interest does not appear in the EPF passbook, do not assume that the interest has not been credited. 

Twitter as a platform has assured that there will be no loss to the EPF members. It has been clarified that there will be no financial loss to the employees as long as the deposit of interest is delayed. To this extent, EPFO made a tweet clearing many doubts on Twitter.

On the other hand, if the passbook does not appear when the interest is credited. At the same time, if the final settlement is done, will the interest come or not? There is a doubt among the EPF customers. 

Employee provident fund organization has given clarity on this too. It said that if a member withdraws his EPF dues before updating the interest in his passbook, in that case also the outstanding interest will be calculated at the time of settlement of his claim. 

Interest will be automatically calculated and paid. Even in such a case, EPF has assured that there will be no loss to the subscribers. At present, the central government is giving 8.15 percent interest to EPF subscribers in this financial year 2023-24. Currently there are 6 crore PF subscribers.

How to download EPF passbook PDF online

  1. If you have registered your account on EPFO portal, know how to download EPF e-passbook
  2. First you need to login to https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/login portal.
  3. Enter UAN number, password, captcha code and login.
  4. The details appear in a graphical presentation on the home page. Select the option Member wise Balance. You can check the balance of your different accounts.
  5. Clicking on the EPF Contribution Summary will show the employee's share.
  6. Click on profile and all your details will be displayed.
  7. Clicking on the passbook will show a graphical presentation of how much you have deposited in any year.
  8. There is an option at right side, click on button in blue color to download the passbook in PDF format.

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