Why EPFO Deactivated PF Account ? Know reasons


If EPFO deactivated PF account, then this article gives you key solutions to make your EPF account live and safe. Before your EPFO account is disabled these steps may be followed to avoid such thing. Do not give any chance to EPFO to deactivate PF account.

EPFO Rules and Regulations for EPF members

If you are employed, then you will also get many facilities. Apart from salary, many companies also provide various other facilities to their employees. 

Apart from these, according to the rules from the government side, PF accounts of the employed people are opened. 

Earlier on this blog Tuday.in reported that, Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has said something that will bring relief to the customers. Clarified doubts on other aspects including depositing interest in PF account.

EPFO Deactivated PF Account

In these accounts, every month a certain amount is deducted from the salary of the employees and interest is paid annually. 

You can take this money in the middle of the job, after leaving the job or as a pension. In such a situation, if you are also a PF account holder, then you should know that there are some reasons due to which your PF account may be closed. So let's know what are these reasons.

Know the reasons How Your PF account may be closed

  1. PF account is for employed people. If we talk about its closure, then if you start living abroad permanently, then your PF account is closed. Therefore, before settling abroad, complete the work of your PF account.
  2. Your PF account can also be closed in such a situation, when there is no transaction in it for the last 36 months. If this happens then EPFO puts such PF accounts in inoperative category. That's why you keep checking whether your company is depositing money in your PF account every month or not.
  3. Apart from the reasons mentioned in the previous points, your PF account can also be closed if the account holder dies due to any reason. Such accounts are considered inoperative by EPFO. 
  4. However, those who are nominees in such accounts can avail the benefits from PF account. Those EPF members who have not filled nomination details on EPFO portal for employees https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ can submit family particulars i.e epfo nominee update online keeps PF member amount safe mode. This is the one of the best Employee benefits for PF account holder.
  5. If you are employed and PF account holder. You have withdrawn all the retirement funds from your PF account. Even then your account gets closed. EPFO considers such accounts inoperative.

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