Credit card bill: Paying minimum due in credit card every time is correct?

What is total due and What is minimum due in credit card, know if i pay minimum credit card payment do i get charged interest.

Once upon a time it was possible to buy anything with money in hand. But days have changed. Circumstances have also changed. Credit cards have become available. 

With this immediate debt giving birth to credit card holder. It has become easier to buy the things you want with them. Using credit card is good or bad: Learn Art for Credit card bill payment

Paying minimum due in credit card

Even if you do not have a penny in hand, if you have a credit card in hand, you can do as much shopping as you want. Do you How to Earn money through credit card which helps to pay credit card bill automatically.

So far so good. What about the bill? This is a problem that almost all credit card users face. Most people are inclined to pay a 'minimum due' bill as they have to pay the monthly expenses once. 

Doing so will cause you to face losses in the long run even if the burden seems to have dropped from the heart for that month. If you are a ‘minimum’ due person then read this article.

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If i pay minimum credit card payment do i get charged interest

Before learning about the risks of Minimum Due Payment, let us know about the actual what is Minimum amount due in credit card. Does this effect you credit score card? Check credit score online free: How to Improve Your Credit Score?

The minimum payment or minimum due is the amount that the credit card customer pays for the month without paying the total amount due in credit card (credit card bill). 

Paying minimum due in credit card

All Banks / NBFCs provide this facility. 5 per cent of the total bill is payable under this. (It depends on card usage, EMIs) Most people think that paying a ‘minimum due amount’ will not pay any interest.

But that is not correct in case of credit cards. Penalties for late payments, late fees only get you relief. The bank will charge you interest on the amount due, to know check online with credit card minimum due calculator. 

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Eg: Suppose salaried employee named XYZ spent 20 thousand in a card for the month of June. That entire bill is due in July. 

However, if he does not have the money that month, he can pay the minimum bill (minimum due amount) and to get relief for that month. 

That is, 1 thousand is enough to pay. In the following month, 19 thousand plus interest charged by the bank has to be paid. If you do a certain amount of shopping that month, you will also have to pay the next month's billing.

Losses with ‘Minimum due amount’

Most people buy using a credit card, whether the item is cheap or needed. The mind will fail until then that it has bought too little. 

But, it is as if the profit from paying that bill as a minimum bill is lost. The minimum bill is interest payable on the balance. 

Do this two or three times and the brownie will evaporate if you buy less. Over-paid content will have to be realized late and worrying.

Credit card usage tips: How to manage credit card spending for Credit score

Having a credit card is like having an emergency fund in our hand (as well as not wanting to have an emergency fund). 

Paying minimum due in credit card

Most people still do not have the habit of hiding an emergency fund. For such people the credit card works in times of disaster. If you carry a credit card with a minimum bill, you may run into problems during emergencies. 

This can lead to high interest rate debt due to lack of credit card limit at that time. Just focus on how to reduce personal debt and know ways to payoff debt faster.

Minimum payment due is negative or positive

Paying minimum due on credit card each time and then shopping again a lot each month will increase the credit card bill. This puts you at risk of slipping into a debt trap. 

If the credit utilization ratio exceeds 40%, it will have an impact on the credit score. So with all of this in mind, be a little more vigilant about your credit card. 

Enjoy the benefits of Rewards Points, along with a 45-day interest-free period when bills are paid on time. Do you How to Earn money through credit card which helps to pay credit card bill automatically.

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